— Procedure Reservations and important information —

Reservation of space is required by email by default: staraposta66@seznam.cz 

(In case of last minute booking - less than 24 hours before the rental, you can use the phone 602 370 085 )

Booking procedure:

email : staraposta66@seznam.cz

 Choose a free date in the calendar below, then send the following information by email: Your nickname or nickname, the exact date and time of the reservation from-to (follow the 24h time format - ie the six o'clock in the morning is stated as 06.00, the six o'clock in the evening states as 18.00 h). In return, your reservation will be confirmed by email

příklad rezervačního emailu : Jan23 na pondělí 30.7.2014 od 15,00 do 18,00h

Attention, data (nick, date and time) from the booking email are publicly available in our booking calendar!

Important information

Please keep the distance between individual reservations for at least 4 hours - it happens that clients unexpectedly extend their rental, it is also necessary to perform cleaning, sanitation, technical maintenance, etc.

In case you cannot use your reservation, it is necessary to cancel it by email immediately, free of charge, at least one day in advance. If this condition is not met, further rentals will not be allowed or a fee will be charged for blocking premises for other applicants

We reserve the right not to allow the lease in case of gross violation of our rules

It is possible to carry any assortment from the restaurant to the rented premises, but only in person - the restaurant staff cannot bring refreshments to the cellars

Payment, issue and return of keys :

You will receive the key (card) from the premises and the entrance to the hotel after paying the rent from the restaurant staff (open 24 hours) Upon request, the staff will take you to the entrance

The premises must be returned clean, complete and in order, not contaminated with wax from candles, etc., otherwise further rental will not be allowed

After the end of the rental, the keys (card) are returned to the restaurant staff, the time tolerance is 15 minutes, if the time is exceeded, the operator must pay a surcharge for each started hour when handing over the key (card).

 When leaving, please make sure that the sauna, the lights and the candles are off - for safety reasons! The whirlpool always remains switched on during operation.


Thank you and we wish you a pleasant time ...

— Online booking formular —

Book your place in time. We will confirm your reservation by e-mail.