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Need a break from today's hectic rush? Zarelaxovat, enjoy and have fun? Then be sure to stop in a unique medieval studies at the outskirts of Prague 8 to 9 There are medieval spaces that you break away from modern times and will not leave you indifferent. The first area offers bed and forged cross with a draw, the second space has to be used, in addition to beds, hot tub and sauna. Another medieval area is equipped with multiple devices such as lashing metal hinges on the ceiling and walls, chain cat, criminal bench with logs, cage, etc. Everything is ready for use, according to your imagination, including a small bar where you can relax in style. If you want to embark on an erotic journey through time, visit our studio in Zdiby ( 15 minut by car from center of Prague ).

We offer to service classic companions or rent the entire basement - torture chamber

Rent the entire basement - torture chamber

1h / 690 CZK
Minimum rental period is 3 h = 2300 CZK,

12 h at a discounted price - 6000 CZK

Tentative tour is allowed to photograph, film, or use the area according to your needs and fantasies for private use.

Terms of lease

- Payment of rent after receiving keys

- Return the premises clean, complete and in order, otherwise it will not allow another lease!

- Please send e-mail your desired date, ie the date and time of reservation-do, nick - name and retroactive to confirm whether the term free, or will book. (Email - Torture66@seznam.cz)

- After termination of the lease, the operator returns the keys, tolerance time is 15 min, when crossing time is required when submitting the operator keys pay supplement (for every further stretch of 1hour of 690 CZK).




Torture 66

Ke Zdibsku 66,
250 66 , Zdiby

EMAIL : torture66@seznam.cz
( every girl has her own email and phone number) 

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